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At Chatterbox our baby department caters for children from 6 weeks up to 2 years. We aim to provide a happy and loving environment where our staff encourage your baby to develop their first skills such as smiling, touching, sitting, crawling, talking etc. It has a staff ratio of one member of staff to every three children.

The baby department is situated on the first floor. It consists of 2 playrooms, a wet room and a separate sleep room. The main playroom caters for the toddlers needs; children can role-play using the toy kitchen, dressing up, dolls, prams and cots. They can also play with different types of construction, small world toys such as cars, garages and animals as well as read stories and complete puzzles.

The second playroom is focused on the younger babies who are free to explore the many toys and equipment available to them such as baby walkers, rocking toys and sensory toys. The room provides plenty of floor time to encourage movement with lots of equipment to pull themselves up and practice standing and walking.

The children also spend time throughout the day sitting together with staff for singing, stories, rhymes and musical instrument sessions. Chatterbox prides itself on meeting the individual needs of each child by following their own routine from home.

The wet room is used for various activities and messy play. The children can involve themselves in various arts and craft activities such as painting, sticking, playdough, cookery etc. This room is also used as the dining area. It is equipped with highchairs and low tables and chairs where the children can sit together and eat their meals. Children are encouraged to eat independently where possible and to practice good manners and general hygiene such as washing their hands.

The sleep room is made up of cots and pods for the children to sleep in, the room has a baby listening monitor so that the staff can hear as soon as a child wakes. Sleeping children are also checked regularly by staff using a timer. Each child is put to sleep within their own schedule instructed by the parent. Guidance from parents is sort in relation to how long and at what time a child should sleep.

The changing room is separate from the main room allowing privacy for the children. Every child’s toiletry and changing needs are individual and are followed through by the staff. All potty and toilet training is taken on by staff when the child is ready and when instructed to by the parent.  

We have buggies, rain covers and sun canopies so that the children can go out for walks to feed the ducks, see the boats, the hovercraft and the train, play on the beach, or at the park.  

The children have their own daily records to take home at the end of the day informing parents and carers exactly what their child has been doing during the day, also allowing you to see the what they have eaten etc. Each day sheet is specifically tailored to your child’s individual needs. 

When a child is ready to move to preschool we start the transitioning process. This is done very gradually with regular trips into preschool with a member of staff the child is familiar with from the baby department.

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